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2-way Security Mirror

Visual Security

2-way Security Mirror A two way mirror, a mirror that is transparent on one side and reflective on the other, is created by placing a layer of semi-transparent film of aluminium on grey-tinted glass. This allows a percentage of light to pass through and reflects the rest.


We have all seen a cop drama TV show or film in which a criminal suspect is interrogated while police watch from behind a mirror. Why can’t the suspect see those watching him behind the mirror? The answer lies in the level of lighting in both rooms. The room the suspect is in is kept very brightly lit, so that the light in the room reflects off the mirror’s surface. The observation room containing the police, on the other hand, is kept dark, so that little to no light gets through the glass. As a result, the suspect sees only his own reflection and the police see into the suspect’s room clearly. If the lights in the suspect’s room were suddenly turned out, or the lights in the observation room suddenly turned on, then the two way mirror would become a window. It’s the same sort of effect you see in a mirrored office building at night — if there is a light on in one of the offices, you can see into that office just fine.

  • The glass is flatter than the acrylic and has a slight bronze tint.
  • The glass is only reflective from one side, the observer is able to see straight through it, but from the other side, all the people are able to see is a regular mirror.
  • We can temper the glass to increase its strength by 10x.
  • The glass is rated for outdoor use and has a highly durable coating which can be cleaned by standard glass cleaners such as Windex with ammonia.
  • 70% Reflective, 11% transparent for maximum privacy
  • Add window tint to non-reflective side to further increase privacy.

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